Category: Political Satire

The T-Bomb

The T-Bomb On Insurrection Day, January 6, T Rump dropped a bomb on America he’d been building for five years. He assembled it in public, in full view of pacifists, anarchists, Republicans, Democrats, Baptists and NASCAR fans....

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The New ISIS

“If your house was invaded by nests of rattlesnakes and the more you looked the more rattlesnakes you found, would you, for one second, quit looking?”    I’m Stupid, I’m Stupid. The New ISIS. It’s a large constituency of...

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Bucks Gone Wild

Bucks Gone Wild   “The Buck Stops Here” appeared on a small desk display in the Oval Office when Harry Truman was President. Donald T Rump deserves a similar plaque for his desk and I can’t decide between two obvious, not to...

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