Constitutional Inequality

Remember the 3/5 Clause to the Constitution?
It was a cold calculation the framers made to determine the value of a slave in our nascent democracy.
The principle arguments at the time centered on dismissing slaves altogether as non-participants, all the way to extending full voting rights to each slave.  Said “full rights” option was a disingenuous gesture from representatives of slave owning states who knew full well their slaves would never be allowed to vote so extending full voting rights to each would have zero effect on the outcome of any presidential election.
Think about it.
The 3/5 compromise was just that:  A compromise on the democratic value of a slave based on the mathematical values of 0 to 1.
How does this calculation differ from the fundamental principal for justifying the existence of the Electoral College?
First, let me explain why the Electoral College exists in the first place.
Answer:  To create a representative balance between heavily populated “Urban” states and sparsely populated “Rural” states.  Please remember that the president was initially elected by Congress.  When the election process was transferred to the popular vote, the founders didn’t want any geographic area (i.e., a State) to have a controlling, or disproportionate, influence on electing a President.

Bottom Line:  The founding principle of the Electoral College is not fundamentally racist when compared to the 3/5 Constitutional Clause which was blatantly racist.
The Electoral College is every bit as Undemocratic as the 3/5 Clause.
Not to mention:  Both are Unfair, Un-American and Un-Constitutional.

Every American, regardless of their zip code, has the Democratic value of one vote; in fact, it’s the Golden Rule of a Representative Democracy. 

Any effort to diminish or devalue the One Person=One Vote equation is tantamount to a criminal, unconstitutional act.

The modern iteration of the Electoral College is Trump University.  Both are fundamentally flawed and built on parallel Missions aimed at defrauding and debasing the American public.

The 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to the Constitution put to rest, forever, the ugly stain of the 3/5’s Clause; however the Electoral College persists.  It’s a vile and ugly anachronism that’s outlived its historical justification.
It’s time to adopt the 28th Amendment, update the Constitution and eliminate forever the Electoral College.

This all underscores the fact that America’s Voting Majority needs a President.