COVID Death March

Yes, we’re at war.
The enemy has been described variously as “invisible, lethal, blind to geographic boundaries, sexual distinctions, religions, races and ages.”
The enemy is COVID-19.

Now that it’s tireless and mobile armies have covered the globe, elevated it to pandemic status, it wasn’t until it’s hegemony took hold in America did this wraithlike monster become politicized.

America’s Very Stable Genius branded it a “Democratic Hoax” then minimized it’s threat by repeatedly casting out false assessments such as, “it’s under complete control,
“It will soon be at zero cases,
“Nothing to worry about,
“In April it will magically disappear.”

It didn’t take long for COVID 19 to realize a job interview was at work.  And it worked indeed. Having a Field General who could leverage his prodigious powers to spread evil in the most widespread, lethal ways imaginable was an opportunity that could not be ignored.  COVID 19 dubbed the big brain, General Genocide, then sat back and witnessed his evil magic at work.  He feigned limited support at first; deflected attempts at the truth propagated by the “fake” media; blame shamed the Chinese, the Democrats especially Nancy Pelosi; shifted the subject of his shameful failure to respond to all his early COVID warnings to his alleged saving of thousands of lives by partially blocking travel to the US from China; then, perhaps his most egregious act of all, he invoked his coup de grace.  He chose to revise history by taking America back to the late 18th century at a time before the American colonies had united.  Each colonial governor, as per General Genocide’s new policy, “was on his own” in response to the federal government’s inaction (calculated and deliberate) to provide life-saving paraphernalia such as Personal Protection Equipment, the majority of testing equipment and ventilators.

This malevolence continues today in the shadow of General Genocide using his big stick to “persuade” 80% of his colonial governors to accept his doctrine that the “cure cannot be worse than the disease”.  Consequently, it’s up to them to return their states to normal. Already businesses and restaurants are opening, more intimate human interaction is being normalized and the contagion rearms and marches forth, targeting an entire country of soft (and stupid) targets.

Thank you General Genocide.

COVIC 19 rejoices.


Never has a pandemic attracted the voluntary support of such a powerful advocate.  A winner in the hearts (and lungs) of viral contagions everywhere.
General Genocide has defenders and strategists spread like the virus throughout the country.  Next he and his team will challenge the veracity of the ever increasing COVID “numbers” by doubting their sources.  COVID considers him an equal when it comes to his ability to popularize increasing the spread of the virus and the death that results.


Why do you doubt COVID’s choice of General Genocide?

His lack of empathy and psychopathic narcissism allow him to trample, without a hint of feeling, on the profound loss and suffering of current and future victims and their families.


Marginalizing loss and suffering is the heart of his current plan as he leads a modern day COVID Death March toward November.

Heaven help us.
We’re getting no help from General Genocide’s acolytes…most of his colonial governors who bow to politics before science…his sycophantic Senate that is just that; perfecters of the art of sucking-up.

Before it’s over, 70% of Americans will be COVID infected according to Dr. Anthony Fauci.  240,000,000 Americans.

For all of you yet infected, I hope and pray you will not become part of the COVID Death March. Millions are doomed to that fate.
Or…you can ignore science, betray caution and trash your face masks in the garbage heap that is General Genocide’s mounting legacy.  First test of loyalty, shove a UV light up your nose before drinking a Clorox smoothie.  Your choice.


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