Word Count:  141

Does this make any sense?

My image of a drug pusher has shifted over the past decade from a velvet-cloaked, gold-choked dandy driving a lime colored Cadillac convertible with spinner hubs all the way to a Fortune 100 Company.

That’s a huge shift.

It’s clear we’re a drug addicted culture regardless of your source.

My unofficial assessment is a full half of all TV ad time is purchased by large, global pharmaceutical companies and centers around “pushing” a wide variety of drugs that treat conditions from ringing in the ears to lowering cholesterol.  All other drug-centered ads are dominated by lawyers promulgating class action lawsuits for users who’ve suffered a wide range of unfortunate consequences.  Said effects range from men developing large breasts to dying.                                                              Then there’s the image of an “oily discharge” I still can’t get out of my mind.