Evolving New Normal


My wife and I have been sheltering at home for eight weeks.  Our pre-COVID habits and expectations have been altered, reshaped and, in some cases, completely eliminated.


Call it the evolving new normal.


We will no longer feel safe in crowded areas like sports arenas, stadiums, concert halls, Church sanctuaries, restaurants, theaters, waiting rooms, school rooms and the like.  Why would we deliberately put ourselves at risk when we have alternatives to all of these that are both safer and more convenient?  A new Win:Win scenario.


Waiting in line for anything is out.

Voting will be a challenge since our genocidal President seems determined to ignore safe (and secure) pathways to vote, i.e., by mail, and is determined to destroy the US Postal Service to fulfill his malevolent purposes.  We’ll figure it out because we WILL vote.


We no longer shop for groceries, but use a surrogate shopper instead.  We didn’t know this kind of service was available eight weeks ago, but it fits nicely into our new normal going forward.


We plan to add wet steam to our master shower and have already added UV and HEPA filtration to our home HVAC system.  Hand sanitizers, sanitizing wipes, paper towels, toilet paper, cases of bottled water, Dewer’s, Bel Gloss Pinot Noir and Gatorade are the new currency in our new world economy and must be inventoried in great supply at all times.


We now have a new in-home storm/safety shelter, large screen/theater sound entertainment center, user-defined exercise area and video game room plus a complete outdoor kitchen and entertainment space.

Our existing pool and chef’s kitchen are proving to be godsends.

All of these are features and essential elements of our new, home-centric living style.


My wife and I have conceal carry permits that complement our collection of guns and ammunition which we procured for personal protection.


Two home safes.  Camera-enabled security system. Watchful dogs…are all part our new, evolving world reality.


Our new normal is evolving into an entirely better, safer and smarter way to live and enjoy life.


### 30 ###