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FBI Should Probe FBI

I accept the fact that Donald Trump won the Presidency, but I don’t accept that I’ve been told the whole truth about the FBI’s last minute discovery of Clinton emails on Anthony Weiner’s personal computer.

Here’s a probable scenario that should be probed: Rudy Giuliani, a high-ranking Trump campaign insider, colluded with former and acting FBI associates in the NYC office to ‘seed’ Anthony Wiener’s confiscated personal computer with thousands of stolen and previously vetted Clinton emails. The so-called discovery of these fraudulent emails was used to coerce embattled FBI Director James Comey to reopen the Clinton email investigation just ten days prior to the election.

The consequences of ‘The Comey Letter’ that announced the restart of the Clinton email investigation are now history.

Follow the evidence:

Fact: The NYC office of the FBI was in possession of Anthony Weiner’s personal computer.

Fact: A cadre of FBI agents in the NYC office had gone ‘rogue’ and were openly pro-Trump and dogged in their opposition to Director Comey’s ruling on the Clinton email issue; moreover, they insisted Comey restart the investigation.

Fact: Anthony Weiner’s estranged wife, Huma Abedin, was Hillary Clinton’s friend, political adviser and key presidential campaign confident.

Fact: The Presidential Campaign was nearing its end and the Trump campaign was trailing and in dire need of a major boost or distraction, or both.

Fact: The swing vote, or that key constituency that determines the outcome of elections, consisted mostly of independent voters who were still undecided.

Probable Scenario: It was time to pull out all the stops. If committing a crime was one of the stops, so be it. Detecting a crime relies heavily on determining, then linking, the means, motive, and the opportunity to a single perpetrator or a group of conspirators.

The cumulative value of the following truths could amount to the whole truth behind why the vast majority of undecided voters chose to support Trump.

The NYC office of the FBI had possession of and access to Weiner’s computer, a computer that was not “networked” to his estranged wife’s computer where similar emails were archived. [How long this computer was in their possession before this surprise treasure trove of Clinton emails was discovered is unknown.]                                                                    

Roger Stone, a member of the Trump campaign, had ties to WikiLeaks and access to stolen Clinton emails.                                      

Rudy Giuliani, a senior Trump campaign adviser, had direct ties to key anti-Clinton, “rogue” agents in the FBI’s NYC office.                                                                   

 Giuliani also had a close relationship with former FBI Assistant Director, James Kallstrom, idolized by the cadre of rogue NYC FBI agents and who labeled the Clintons a ‘crime family’ and the Clinton Foundation a ‘cesspool.’                                                          

Kallstrom also demeaned Comey’s investigation into the Clinton emails as ‘not a real investigation.’  Both Kallstrom and Comey had worked for Giuliani.

Three days before the Comey Letter was issued, a snickering Giuliani gushed on Fox and Friends about the campaign having ‘a couple of surprises left…[that] will be enormously effective.’                    

After Clintons emails miraculously appeared on Weiner’s computer these same rogue FBI agents called upon Comey to restart his investigation into Hillary’s emails or they’d make their discovery public.

Sad. Tragic. Criminal.