Fire and Fury Never Ends

Michael Wolff’s new book, Fire & Fury, never ends.  When I finished reading its 328 pages I transitioned from the ink-on-paper version to its up-to-the-minute, audible version.  It’s free and available 7/24 on cable news network’s everywhere.

The next chapter covers a minor meteorological event, Stormy Daniels, (aka “Porn Star”) who blew into T. Rump’s life, did a little damage, then quietly went away.  She never reached hurricane status, causing only local damage prompting T. Rump to slap (or spank) leather and pay for the damage himself.   Sad.

The next storm erupted while Stormy was still on the radar.  It features our Moron-In-Chief arguing with legislators over immigration, then out of nowhere (aka his “I have the best words” vocabulary) blasphemed a series of foreign countries calling them “shitholes.”  Sadder.

Then, within a 24-hour news cycle, enter our 50th state, Hawaii, and its stellar early warning system designed to protect its citizens against the threat of incoming ballistic missiles.  The system is located near Waikiki beach on the island of Oahu.  The trigger is pulled and a real alert goes out to innocents across the island announcing a ballistic missile is, in fact, on its way, just minutes from reaching the island.  The president’s national security team tracks down our Goof-Off-In-Chief in West Palm Beach, Florida, on the tenth hole at Trump International Golf Course.  When advised of the event, it’s plausible that T. Rump has never heard of Oahu, he simply shrugged his shoulders, said it was Hawaii’s problem, teed it up and played on.  Beyond sad.

This all happened in a matter of only three days.  Fire & Fury will only end when its lead character is fired and furiously exits stage left.