I’m living in the Middle Ages.

To T Rump, that’s anyone aged thirty-five to fifty.

I’m speaking of a time when Charlemagne, King Arthur, the Byzantine, Ottoman and Holy Roman Empire’s, the Vikings, the Great Famine and the Black Death were adding their names to the annals of world history.  The Middle Ages spanned a thousand years.

T Rump still believes it’s a voting bloc of thirty-five to fifty year-olds.  To him, the history of the world is contained in an empty book and a library is just another word for a vacant lot.

The fact is, we’re goose-stepping our way backward in time parroting Adolph Hitler’s slogan’s to “Make Germany Great Again”, and, “Germany First.”
Remember and never forget, Hitler is the 20th century apotheosis of medieval thinking and governance.
Primitive.  Inhumane.  Byzantine.

The COVID pandemic, under T Rump’s reign, has been allowed to spread its lethal tentacles like a modern day variation of the Nazi gas chambers.
Unchecked.  Uncontrolled.  Genocidal. Medieval.

“It is what it is,” summarizes T Rump, dismissing the record-setting death and misery of the virus as an inconsequential and inconvenient bump in the road. Unfeeling. Medieval.

“Herrenmenschen” is T Rumps goal for America; Achieving supremacy of a Master Race of Nordic (Aryan/White) peoples in the hierarchy of human species.  Racially narcissistic. Medieval.

Suppressing, via police and military intervention, the peaceful cries for racial justice and police reform is part of T Rump’s deliberate Aryan strategy to dominate the lesser races.  Medieval.

Sanitizing the suburbs.

Crushing demonstrators.

Exposing innocents’ to disease and possible death.

Criminalizing opposing voices.

Bludgeoning the truth with a tsunami of malicious lies.

Fraternizing with fellow despots.

Weaponizing fear.


T Rump’s America.
Home of the unevolved.

### 30 ###