In the time of COVID-19.

My wife and I feel we’re living a nightmare.
Unreal.  Unprecedented.  Uncomfortable.
Should we go to the grocery store?
To Starbucks?
To McDonalds?
Or should we hunker down and make some chicken salad?

This is a moment when Church and State converge.  No matter how disruptive, disgusting, dismaying T Rump behaves, he caved when faced with an historic, even messianic Act of God.


COVID-19 is an invisible, unavoidable, omnipotent global menace; a deadly wraith that envelopes the world.
If you favor T Rump because he “shakes things up”, you favor a false idol.  Only God can shake things up and his/her power is now on full, undeniable display.
There are no safe havens, whether next door or on the other side of the world where one can escape and be free from harm.

When an invisible, omnipotent force has this much impact on your thoughts and actions, what does this feel like to you?
When an invisible, omnipotent force expands and heightens your concern for yourself, your family, friends and even strangers, what does this feel like to you?
When an invisible, omnipotent force dominates your attention, shapes your habits and redefines your values, what does this feel like to you?
When faux evangelicals believe T Rump is Christ-like, your ignorance, self-righteousness and misguided faith is on full display to the world.

T Rump branded this invisible, omnipotent force as a “hoax”.  He said he had it “under control.”  He said it would soon “go away.”  He wanted you to think he was in control.  He was all powerful.

The truth is he’s the hoax.  He has nothing under control, and he should go away.

2.2 million Americans will die if he continues this malevolent attitude.
God is Great.
God is Real.

You know who’s really shaking things up.
If you continue to worship T Rump and ignore the obvious and defy this invisible, omnipotent force, heaven help you.


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