In The Time of COVID


My wife and I were ahead of the curve.  We sheltered in place in late February knowing full well that an invisible, viral contagion would attack anyone, anywhere at any time; moreover, it’s lethal especially among our age group.

We’re now six weeks in lockdown.

I was 72 at the start.

Next Friday, I’ll be 87.

I was 6’ tall and weighed 200 lbs.

Today I’m 5’8” and weigh 315 bs.

Before isolating ourselves, we considered pajamas as nighttime attire.

We’ve broadened our definition to include any loose fitting garment we can wear anytime, especially while we watch TV and take afternoon naps.

We once knew the exact day of the week, plus the day of the month.

We’re untethered from this kind of detail now and coasting through our isolated life as if it’s one extended weekend.

Restaurants were a common mealtime destination in BC; Before COVID.

Restaurants have been removed from our schedule altogether and this reality is likely to become our new normal After COVID; AC.

A dead car battery was a rare if ever inconvenience in our previous life.

Unused cars, like bodies without exercise, deteriorate at an accelerated pace and need regular attention even if that means running in place.

Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, HBO GO, etc, were occasional refuges when we had time at home to escape and relax.

Today we mainline these entertainment hubs and have transformed “binge” watching into a commonplace, normal viewing experience.

Crowded theaters, Churches, shopping malls, restaurants, schools, healthcare facilities, sporting arenas, concert halls, etc., were normal gathering venues, even positive signs of success for some.

My wife and I will never again view a crowded space as a safe place to be.

When this started, my wife and I had a handful of friends.

Now, Andrew Cuomo is our most trusted friend.

We had faith in our federal system of government.

Now, that faith has been undermined by a vindictive, ignorant president, and we’ve shifted our faith to our colony states, their governors and their determined efforts to battle COVID-19 on their own.

We’ve always viewed nurses, EMT’s and physicians as gifted and talented people.

We now know they’re much more.  Heroes. Warriors. Indefatigable. Irrepressible.  Valorous in fighting a veritable war on the front lines every day.

We never thought twice about health insurance since we’ve always had jobs that included health insurance as a requisite benefit.

With millions out of work and frighteningly vulnerable without health coverage thanks to COVID, the dollar cost of universal healthcare pales in comparison to the human cost.


I’ve gotta get.  It’s time to watch the last episode of “Tiger King”, a wholly despicable and disgusting tale of debauchery that we swear off during each episode.  Then we watch the next.

I once woke up every day with my mind intact.

“Tiger King” has proved that I lost it.  Temporarily.


We can’t wait to reach the other side, to get to AC/After COVID and the Brave New World that awaits.


### 30 ###