Racial disharmony reveals its ugly head.


Fifty years ago, I was fortunate to stand on the floor of the House of Representatives to witness the passage of the Civil Rights Act.  One year later, I was still there to see the Social Security Act of 1965 (aka The Medicare Bill) become law.  LBJ was president and the House was solidly controlled by Democrats. I was the Senior Page on the Democratic side.  John McCormick, MA, was our Speaker and was the epitome of a senior statesman.  He was ably served by the diminutive Carl Albert, OK, Majority Leader as well as Hale Boggs, the imposing, rosy cheeked Majority Whip from Louisiana.  My job was to oversee the Committee table occupied by Congressmen Albert and Boggs rushing back and forth from the Documentarians office with the latest copies of House Resolutions hot off the GPO’s presses.

Today, my memory of Pres. Johnson’s “Great Society” is tainted when confronted with the visage of the Rev. Al Sharpton.  I strongly believe that Rev. Sharpton is the ugly face of racial disharmony in America; moreover, he stands for everything that has failed over the past half century with respect to “integrating” our separate cultures and moving forward toward a societycharacterized more by mutual respect than by naked, visceral racial dislike.

Obama has been conspicuously mute on the recent Ferguson affair.  His spontaneous outbursts following news of the Prof. Gates and Trevon Martin “incidents” earlier in his administration didn’t play well in the rational community that still claims a large segment of the voting population.

Justice must be rendered in Ferguson, but it’s impossible unless the whole truth is known.

Oh, Dr. King, how much we miss you.  In your absence, charlatans like Rev. Sharpton have hijacked your “Dream” and the noble efforts of our bravest, most forward thinking legislators, and turned it all into a nightmare.

Ferguson stands as a sad, but true picture of the racial disharmony that prevails throughout American today.