On Becoming Jonestown


Recent events in Jonesboro could give an objective outsider the impression our city is trying to reinvent itself by taking on the values most civilized people have outgrown, outlived and, quite frankly, out-and-out disavowed.

It’s a frightening repudiation of our fundamental values associated with the need to keep Church and State separate and to pay homage to the founding principle that we are a nation of laws and not of men.

Pride, the key attribute of those convinced their excessive sense of self-worth is ordained, and arguably the deadliest of the seven sins, is becoming the behavioral standard in Jonesboro.  It’s followers are growing.

Pride is their beacon .

Worthy of embrace.

Powerful as a weapon to wield as they see fit.

God, according to them, is their validator.

Their actions are beyond reproach.


Jonesboro is becoming Jonestown.