The bulk of the rebel rousers that have invaded Ferguson, MO, came out of East St. Louis which is a short ride away and too alluring to ignore by the criminal element that has branded E.S.L. as a place to avoid at all costs.

Obama has been conspicuously mute on the Ferguson affair due in part to his knee jerk, racist and highly polarizing outbursts following news of the Prof. Gates and Trevon Martin incidents.  His statements didn’t go so well in the rational community that still claims a large segment of the voting population. 

I also believe that Rev. Al Sharpton is the ugly face of racial disharmony and all things that have failed in this country as we’ve striven to “integrate” our separate cultures into something characterized more by mutual respect than naked, visceral racial dislike.

In any metro area where the population mix favors blacks, a similar response can be predicted with absolute certainty.  Memphis would explode, as would Atlanta, Detroit, LA, St. Louis, New Orleans and large parts of Chicago and NYC.

That’s when I’d rather be in Denver.

Other factors contributing to this violent, lawless behavior are the rush to judgment and its concomitant victim:  The utter disregard for knowing “The Whole Truth.” 

Isn’t it amazing that no prominent black person has come forward to condemn the violence and lawlessness and vigorously promote the necessity of calm and the pursuit of the truth, the whole truth, so justice can prevail.

What can I say?