Suggestions for President Obama.

1) America needs tax reform — A consumption tax; a

National sales tax.  Today, for those who don’t know, illegal aliens pay $12 Billion a year in state levied sales taxes.  Wow!  The simple truth is:  Everyone pays sales taxes.  Moreover, it’s fair.  The more you buy, the more you pay and those with more, buy more and will pay more.

2) We need to be cured of our addiction to entitlement programs.

Our Founding Fathers could not have envisioned their nascent country, bursting with promise, would evolve into a welfare state where half of it’s people survive off of some form of government subsidy.

Thomas Jefferson never would have prophesied that “all men are created equal”; instead, he may have preferred a more fitting preamble and claimed that, “some men are entitled, while the rest will bear their burden.”

The truth is, in Jefferson’s day, everyone who could work did work and this paradigm held true until the second half of the 20th century, nearly 200 years later.

Social Security back “in the day” was called “your family.”

People took care of their own.

Families, to a large extent, were economic units who relied on each other for support.  If dire circumstances prevailed, the less fortunate survived on the kindness if their friends and neighbors.

We live in a totally different world today.

Expectations are driven less by individual accomplishments and contributions and more by social programs and a welfare mentality.

I’m sick of it, but it’s a bed I helped make and I have to deal with it.

For now, Obama has to change his tune. Every chance he gets, he feels compelled to “stick it to the man”, appealing to his base by exhorting the rich to pay their fair share of taxes.

The rich, which is a privileged group made up of individuals and corporations alike, should be given HUGE tax incentives to invest their sizeable fortunes in developing alternative energy industries, techno-centric businesses and most enterprises associated with pharmaceuticals and health-care, and the government should tie these incentives directly to the number of new jobs created: Net New Jobs!



America needs NEW jobs.

(The vast majority of the millions of jobs lost since 2008, are gone forever).

Our government is broke; in fact, it’s created a debt so big it will take generations of economic prosperity to bring it under control.


Hey, Obama, quit ticking off the wealthy and consider this instead: Partner with them. Consider them (economic) allies.

Capitalize on their largesse and ingenuity and work in tandem to direct and development our New Economy.

It’s not that complicated.


Harry Herget