Big word.


In short, it translates as a government led by a minority, not a majority.

As an American, this is inconsistent with my definition of democracy and my concept of democratic rule.


And this is where we find ourselves today.


Our country is governed by two Minoritarians:

T Rump and Senator Mitch McConnell.


T Rump lost the presidential election by nearly three million votes.

3 Million.

And thanks to the anachronistic Electoral College, the fundamental democratic formula of one person, one vote was obliterated and he was elected president by a minority of voters.

This is quintessentially what is meant by Minoritarianism.

To effect any legislation today, the House of Representatives relies on the Senate to debate the bills they’ve passed and give them a fair and open hearing.

Interestingly, the Senate is governed by its Republican majority leader, Mitch McConnell who presides over an upper house dominated by 53 Republican senators.  When you equate this number of senators to the number of the voters they represent, you come up with 153 million. This compares poorly to the 168 million represented by the “minority” of Democrats and independents in the Senate.

Again, the Senate is governed by a minority of the electorate.  15 Million fewer voters.

Let’s face it.

We no longer live in a democracy.  History and circumstances have placed our future in the hands of a minority determined to destroy all that is precious to democratic governance and inherent in its promise.

And where does that leave America’s majority?

We’re left with a tyrant and his witting henchman.


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