NoBells For T Rump


To begin with, don’t confuse Nobel, the dynamite guy, with NoBells, the nuclear option, “Inject disinfectants”, guy.
Just as Nobel winners have contributed to the well-being of mankind through their exceptional intellectual, humanitarian and scientific excellence, NoBells T Rump has distinguished himself in equal manner, sorta.  He’s succeeded in benefiting, extolling, canonizing only one kind of man: Himself.

There will be No(Church)Bells for a man who describes churchgoers as “schmucks”, brags about sexually assaulting women and who uses hatred —bald, unmitigated hatred — as a bargaining chip and deplorable badge of honor.
No(Humanitarian)Bells for a man who ignores repeated warnings of an impending pandemic, politicizes it’s origins, lies about its dangers; deliberately withholds federal support for testing and safety equipment, plus a so-called human who separates infant children from their parents, imprisons innocent asylum seekers and, in his proposed budget, eliminates “Meals on Wheels” for shut-in seniors.
No(Peace)Bells for an advocate of autocracy, kleptocracy, an acolyte to tyrants and canceler of the Iran Nuclear deal.
No(Economic)Bells for a contributor to the worst economy in U.S. history, record-setting unemployment rate, instigator of debilitating trade wars becoming our “Prince of Tariffs”, terminator of the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership; the benefactor of mammoth tax breaks for himself and fellow billionaires and the architect of this country’s largest deficit in recorded history.
No(Diplomatic)Bells for a man who undermines our NATO alliances while exalting tyrants and castigating our trusted, democratically-governed allies.
No(Security)Bells for a man who openly shares America’s secrets with our most threatening global adversary and who insists on using an unsecured personal cell phone for his reckless tweeting.
No(Smart)Bells for a man who’s an advocate for suicide promoting lethal treatments for the coronavirus; ignores warnings in his presidential daily briefs; plus a so-called human who’s never read a book, thinks Frederick Douglass is still alive and who uses child-like vengeance as a governing philosophy.

No(Climate)Bells for a science denier calling climate change a “Chinese hoax”; withdrawer from the Paris Accords aimed at lowering greenhouse gas emissions and terminator of environmental protections for air, water and wildlife.

No(Election)Bells for a blatant conspirator with our foremost global adversary to undermine his opponents presidential campaign in order to secure for himself the swing vote critical to his electoral victory, i.e., “Russia, if you’re listening….”, and his admitted efforts to solicit “oppo research” from foreign governments.

No(Civil Rights)Bells for a white supremacist, architect of the “Birther Movement”, scion of a Klansman, apologist for Neo-Nazis, subject of a rare Congressional rebuke for racism, and documented perpetrator of racially discriminatory housing practices.

No(Military)Bells for a coward, a five-time draft dodger, demeanor of the valorous feats of war hero’s as well as the dangers associated with life-threatening, war-time combat.

No(Honesty)Bells for a pathological liar, a progenitor of “alternative facts”, and the most untruthful president in recorded history.

No(Constitution)Bells for a blatant violator of the Emoluments Clause, believer that Article II of the Constitution bestows upon him unlimited, “Absolute” powers, recruiter of foreign powers to aid him in his bid for a second term, demeanor of the three co-equal branches of government and the importance of their separate, but equal powers, subverter of a free press calling it “the enemy of the people”, and a defamer of the inviolability of the freedom of speech.


NoBells for the forever impeached T Rump.


Nothing he’s done is a ringing endorsement for competence or compassion.


Unmitigated incompetence, unlawful behavior, deliberate cruelty toward fellow human beings and psychopathic narcissism ring true as the defining characteristics of our unevolved President.


He’s dynamiting the pillars of democracy that made America Great.

America’s voting majority needs a legitimate, honest, law-abiding president.


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