Obit for #45


I’m scrambling to catch up with editorial writers everywhere who’ve done their homework and written an Obit “in waiting”, albeit a template, for America’s 45th President.

It’s rare not to do this for every senior member of our community, state or country who has distinguished himself or herself during their lifetimes.

Like a good scout, it pays to be prepared.

The lead portion of the obit is the most challenging part compelling me to contemplate several.



The news of #45’s death was received with a vast mix of emotions.  I was first reminded of a 1947 WP article of what Joseph Stalin was supposed to have said: “If one man dies, that’s a tragedy; if millions die, that’s a statistic.”

So which is it?

Answer: A statistic.



#45 has passed and we’re left with the task of memorializing his life’s work.  What comes to mind?

Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.

“Fourscore, minus seven years ago, Fred and Mary Anne Trump brought forth, on this continent, a new child, conceived in consent, and dedicated to the proposition that one man has been created who is equal to no one.”

The rest is history.



Remembering #45.

How do I memorialize you?

Let me count the ways:

As an American and one of your subjects, my memory is rich with words and deeds that could only come from a very stable genius.

Soliciting campaign help from a foreign leader. That’s rich.  Then calling the transcript of the indicting call, “Perfect.” Lol.

Bragging about sexually assaulting women.  It doesn’t get much richer.

Overseeing, exacerbating and prolonging the worst health and economic disasters of a century required a leader so devoid of humanity and common sense that you alone were the only person on earth capable of elevating a horrific challenge to a catastrophic, genocidal nightmare. Rich. Rich. Rich.



Let us bow our heads and each of us, on our own, quietly and reverently search our memories of #45’s leadership in which he led our great country by example. I implore each of you to catalog the most salient and impactful.

Heads bowed. Silence prevailing.

My mind takes little to no time conjuring up America’s “Virologist in Chief” recommending we expose our entrails to UV light then top it off with a Clorox smoothie.  As this memory seethes, it respectfully steps aside as I recall our nations un-credentialed Doctor-President recommending the use of a drug that’s untested as a preventative for COVID-19.  Then he admits to taking it for that specific, unproven purpose.

Remember his speech to the annual Boy Scouts National Jamboree?…”Who the hell wants to talk about politics to the Boy Scouts?,” he bellowed to his largely teen-aged audience.  Then he went on to deliver one of his most hyper-political, virulent speeches ever.

His insulting Megan Kelly for being a woman, Judge Curiel for having a Hispanic heritage, a disabled reporter, Muslims for being Muslim, Puerto Rican’s for being immigrants not Americans; furthermore, during the time of COVID, going around mask-less, even during a tour of a manufacturer of N-95 masks.

Hands keep being raised in my mind, signaling a trove of memories in the queue, but I’ve recalled enough for this memorial.  I’m worn out.

I raise my head.  Look out to a room filled with sorrow and rising anger.

Once I have their undivided attention, I break the silence with one word, “Amen.”


[We conclude the Obit with the “boiler plate” portion that summarizes the most significant events in #45’s life.]


#45 was born in Queens, NY, on June 14, 1946, to Fred and Mary Anne Trump.  He’s been married three times and each wife has born children bearing the Trump surname.

Ivana Trump is the mother of Ivanka, Don Jr. and Eric Trump.  Tiffany is the daughter of Marla Maples, wife #2, and current spouse, Melania, is mother to Barron Trump.

#45 is a graduate of Fordham University, 1966, and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in 1968.

In 1971, he took control of the family real estate development business that Fred, his father, started and grown to a multi-million dollar success. Between 1991 and 2009, #45 filed for bankruptcy six times.  All were for businesses tied to the Trump Entertainment business and included the Taj Mahal, Trump Plaza, Plaza Hotel, Trump Castle and Trump Castle and Casino Resorts.

On January 20, 2017, he was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States.


That wraps it up for now.


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