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On the plus side,

Trump’s the best thing that’s happened to print media in years; in particular, The Washington Post and NY Times.  They’re enjoying a renaissance in circulation.

Trump’s given new life to American Nazi’s and Klanners.

Sales of bumper stickers and hats are at all-time highs.

He’s inspired the creation of a new industry of low-skilled workers replacing headstones in Jewish cemeteries, sandblasting Swastika’s off city walls and buildings, delivering guns and ammo to trailer parks and washing pickup trucks.

That’s a Silver Lining obfuscated by lies and overshadowed by a crazy cloud of orange.


Trump’s future is one he created; in fact, he’s carefully crafted his destiny out of quicksand, snake oil and a thoroughly rotten soul.


In the end, he will be welcomed into the Kingdom of Idolatry.