For anyone with the mental acuity of a three-day old fetus, let me clue you in…”Life is rigged!”

The college admissions scandal is NOT news!
Life, from cradle to grave, is rigged.  In other, more sobering words, welcome to the realities of being a Capitalist.

The fundamental allure of Capitalism is creating, sustaining and promoting inequality among its participants.

Academicians have a term for it:  Economic Determinism.  “Haves” and “Have-Nots” are regular and permanent members of “The Capitalist Club.”

When you pull back the curtain, raise the skirt, peek through the blinds, you’ll discover that Capitalism thrives on its inherent inequality and consequent complicity in immoral behavior.
The outrage over the college admissions scandal is a bit…no, it’s utterly disingenuous.
As if any of us were surprised.


Many popular venues, such as Disney-World, offer a “VIP” option that, FOR A (SUBSTANTIAL) FEE, enable the elite few who can afford to pay, the privilege to “bypass the common folk” and go straight to their desired prize.  Private schools are an omnipresent expression of privilege and they serve as the brick-and-mortar reality that we live in a “rigged” society.


If one ever needs “references” to clear the hurdles separating a decent or no job from a fantastic opportunity, there is no substitute for the supporting voices of the privileged.


Accept the obvious:  Wealth has its privileges.  Denying that fact is more of a pretension than a resentment.


The romantic side of Capitalism fosters individual Excellence…Advancement… Distinction…and Fulfillment.

Due to these conspicuous facts, you can argue Capitalism is not ALL bad.

Just look at its accomplishments: Our Can-Do attitude.  Our history of winning — whether it’s a World War, a race to the moon, or excelling at treating humans fairly and equitably — is legend.


I’m proud to be an American. And that pride extends to being an unabashed Capitalist.

T Rump’s efforts to destroy America and our fragile democracy cannot succeed.  America’s voting majority needs a president.

I don’t relish losing the privilege of being an American!