The Enemy: COVID and Them

My wife and I have been isolating since the first week in March.  Nine months and counting.

When we venture out, we wear masks, use hand sanitizers and glove up when pumping gas.  I know we’re not alone.  Million’s of our  fellow Americans are faithfully following CDC guidelines and doing their part to combat, and eventually, overcome our lethal, viral enemy; COVID.

The virus is aerosolized which means it’s an invisible threat…a killer that attacks in unexpected, stealth ways that undermine our conventional defenses and mandates the universal wearing of masks, social distancing, keeping our hands sanitized and, most important, acknowledging the importance of our individual roles in combating this insidious enemy successfully.

It’s US against IT.

What I don’t understand, and I’ve tried to reconcile the reality of the world in which I live for nine months now, why our president doesn’t accept that COVID is real…is infectious…is deadly…while he continues to be a friend of COVID, not a combatant.  And, because of his exalted role as president, millions of Americans feel comfortable, even dogmatic, in their devotion to his example.

It’s US against IT and THEM.

On March 18, 2020, T Rump declared he was a wartime president.  I agree that we’re at war with COVID.  What I failed to realize at that moment was T Rump was not on our side.  He chose, instead, to work on behalf of encouraging viral spread, ignoring its lethal results and insisting on being a model to his faithful that COVID is not a real threat…no need to wear a mask…shoulder to shoulder social gatherings are acceptable…ridiculing those who acknowledge the threat is a sign of strength…and, with malice of forethought, insisting on keeping the air we breath laden with infectious, microscopic particles….

Bottom line:  Our president and his minions are callously disregarding reality and deliberately acting as agents of death.

T Rump lost the election, but he, his faithful and COVID are winning the war against us.
Just look at the scoreboard.  The number of infected victims and subsequent deaths are at record levels and there’s little hope in sight of mitigating the threat.

I’m scared.

Over a million positive COVID victims a week with deaths now surpassing 2,000 a day.
Hospitals are on the verge of implementing their “crisis standards of care; Aka, “the rationing of health care”.  This means that healthcare professionals have to decide between treating a 70 year-old vs a 30 year-old, and their verdict, using this egregious standard, gives the nod in favor of letting the senior die.

I’m toast.


You can sweep all of his malignant flaws from pathological lying to racism to misogyny to xenophobia to vengeance to psychopathic narcissism, ad nauseam, into a bucket…and, if we weighed their cumulative EVIL, it would pale when compared to the titanic weight of his genocidal handling of COVID.

That’s T Rump’s legacy

Thanks a lot.

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