GNP: The Grand New Party

It’s time.
I supported T Rump’s candidacy for a year; from its onset in June, 2015, until June, 2016, when he accused Judge Gonzalo Curiel of bias in the Trump University fraud case on account of the judge’s Mexican ancestry.  His xenophobic vitriol was uncalled for and lasted a full week.
That was it for me.  His hatred for a non-white person was on full, naked display.  It’s my opinion that no right-minded person could continue to support such a vile and prejudiced candidate.
My wife disagreed vehemently and with ample cause.  She abandoned T Rump a year earlier at the start of his candidacy when he branded Mexicans as drug dealers, criminals and rapists. His first, but by no means last, public debasement of those who don’t look like him.

T Rump prevails not as a Republican, but as the Grand Poobah of a new, bizarre religious order: Trumpism.
It holds to no political purpose, no constancy, no rational line of thought.  It’s a religion that relies on impulse; revels in controversy; trusts alternative facts as messianic truths; reviles compromise and treasures the absence of intellectual curiosity and moral rectitude. Trumpism is ethically bankrupt and exalts the purity of the white race.
This has come to be the benchmarks of the Grand Old Party.  The GOP.  T Rump’s Republican Party. If he were a bona fide political figure, T Rump’s behavior would be quintessentially autocratic.  But he’s not a politician.  He’s a theocrat. He governed as a representative of God, or more precisely, as the deity himself.  One who’s never asked for forgiveness, by his own public admission, is by definition a deity; more precisely, a false god.


It’s high time for change.
It’s time for a New Republican Party.  The GNP; the Grand New Party.


We need a party that espouses the traditional and well worn values of fiscal responsibility, balanced budgets, limited taxes and government, environmental conservation, fundamental freedoms, a strong national defense, quality public education and a friend to capitalism.
The GNP.


Thomas Nast, the “Father of the American Cartoon”, lived until 1902 and famously illustrated an elephant and donkey as representing the Republican and Democratic parties respectively.  If he were alive today, I wouldn’t be surprised if he continued his political cartooning and included the mythical Phoenix as symbolizing the GNP.


Unite my fellow Republicans and let’s reclaim our values as well as our rightful place in the Pantheon of representative democracies.


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