The Soulless

Opposites don’t attract in politics.
Conservatives align with conservatives as do liberals and moderates.  These are the core constituencies that define our major political parties.

There are sub-sets, called affinity groups, that share a common characteristic which defines their respective agendas.  These characteristics range from personal, professional, social and philosophical.
Blacks.  Hispanics. Asians. Women.  Gays. Doctors. Lawyers. Golfers.  Hunters. Catholics. Muslims. Jews.

T Rump has created an entirely new constituency from the masses who, Pre-T Rump, were leading lives of quiet insensitivity.
He’s unmasked this silent minority and given them more than a voice.  He’s given them identity. Malevolent purpose.  Someone to parrot.  To idolize. To worship.
He’s given them Beelzebub.

T Rump has begot a new confederacy:  The Soulless.
George Washington is the Father of our Country.
T Rump is the father of The Soulless.

BT/Before Trump, did anyone know such a confederacy was possible?  How large it would be?  Did anyone imagine The Soulless would
hijack our democratic principles, policies and procedures; hold our Constitution hostage; mainstream the naked cruelty of revenge as an admirable, American practice???
Who knew?

Only The Soulless could treat a deadly pandemic as a hoax.  An inconvenience.  A danger to minimize and marginalize.
Only The Soulless could politicize a deadly pandemic.
Only The Soulless could place economics above a deadly pandemic.
Only The Soulless could ignore science in favor of “gut” feelings; deliberately undermine the need for infection testing; ignore the storm of pleas from healthcare professionals for personal protective equipment, ventilators, hospital beds…

Only The Soulless would value alternative facts above verifiable, empirical facts.

Only The Soulless would use a pandemic as a weapon of genocide.

Heaven help us.


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