Time to Shut-Up and Put-Up

How much longer can any of us tolerate a government that…punishes innocent people for political advantage?..weaponizes partisan principles to strip human beings of their dignity and self-worth, not to mention their homes, healthcare and food from their tables?..invokes platitudes devoid of hope and practical ways to end this insanity and halt the shut-down?
Shut-Up! Shut-Down the rhetoric. All of you! Your words are not helping.
The value of your words, when added together, equals ZERO!

I realize you can’t negotiate with a mandate.
I realize you can’t negotiate with someone who leverages petulance over fixed, immutable principle.

You CAN negotiate with you and me.
You, and I’m including both Republicans and Democrats, can come forward now and articulate a multi-billion dollar, comprehensive plan for border security and DACA relief.
Real border security that includes securing both the northern and southern borders. Airports. Waterways and policing in-country, illegal immigrants. A real plan that leverages technical, physical and human resources to achieve the goal that will protect us all.
Potentially a $50B plan; not a weak, cheap metaphor, but substantive for defensible protection against unwanted, unsavory and unsafe trespassers.
The research has already been done. Translating its findings into a workable plan can be accomplished quickly.
Both sides should get to it!

With a real plan in hand, they can shout it from the mountain-tops. Everyday.
The media will love it. The public, a majority, will accept it.

Advocate a bi-partisan path under, around, over and through the “wall” to a better, fairer, safer place that shuts-out the bad guys instead of shutting down the lives of innocents.

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