A Day At The Races

I don’t think Joe Biden is running for President.

He’s committed to defeating T Rump in the 2020 elections, and that ultimate outcome is clearly in his sights.
If he were the only Democrat who could defeat T Rump in 2020, then I would argue with this premise insisting that Biden should take the ball and run with it all the way to the end zone.
But Biden’s not alone.  Victory has many offspring and many are campaigning alongside Biden in their separate efforts to win back the Oval Office and steer America away from hate and back to a more reasonable and constructive course forward.
Have you ever been to the dog races?
[Nice segue].
Greyhounds are a sight to behold.  Like their larger relatives who run for the roses at Churchill Downs, or any breed of cat for that matter, greyhounds were built to race.  Their
sleek design can slice through the air like a finely honed machine.
But how do you get them to run and how do you determine which one can consistently outpace the rest?
Watch a dog race.  It’s that simple.
When the starting gates open, the pack is standing shoulder to shoulder.  Suddenly they burst forward as if jettisoned from a ground level cannon.
Ahead of them is a beeping, mechanical rabbit attached to a rail.  It moves at a controlled speed slightly faster than the pursuing greyhounds.
After several races, the winners compete for the ultimate title of top dog.
Biden is the Democratic Party’s mechanical rabbit.  He’s not in the race to win it.  His advanced age and political baggage are too burdensome and he doesn’t need the stress associated with these Trumpian days of mideival vitriol and unevolved virulence.
Biden’s in the race to discover the Democratic candidate who can catch him and cross the finish line ahead of everyone else, including T Rump.
He’s a sacrificial Hare.

Here comes Rusty.

Go Joe!!