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“Access” to Healthcare is a Lie

I am stunned the news media hasn’t pursued the Republican’s default use of the word, “access”, when speaking of their Obama care replacement bill and its coverage of pre-existing conditions.

Here’s a shocker:  How many Americans from the poorest among us to the billionaire titans of business have “access” to healthcare?

Answer:  100%!

I have “access” to private jets and their promise to transport me to the far corners of the planet.  I have “access” to jewelry stores and their brilliant offerings dripping with flawless, precious stones.  I have “access” to Sloan Kettering and its world-class Cancer Care.

I have “access” to virtually everything within my universe except for one, potentially devastating barrier: Money.  And lots of it.

Hey America, NO healthcare program designed by the government alters our “access” to healthcare.  The GOP’s position is disingenuous, dishonest and a downright lie.

Always follow the money.  The GOP replacement healthcare plan will make billionaires more wealthy while the poor among us are left to die.

It’s economic Darwinism institutionalized.

Beyond sad.