A year ago when my wife and I first learned of COVID-19 we immediately began preparations for a limited, but necessary period of self-isolation.  Yes, we were concerned, curious, compliant, but stubbornly optimistic.
We’re Americans after all.bbb
Adversity is never a challenge too large, too complex, too threatening that we can’t overcome with overwhelming commitment and focus.  The enlightened American spirit.
America’s leader, at that critical moment, was a science denier. He ignored medical advice and, instead, politicized the pandemic insisting it was a Democratic hoax; then he proclaimed it would just go away; if that didn’t work, he then prescribed ingesting toxins and exposing ones entrails to UV light as effective treatments.
POTUS, in this instance, is another five letter word for M O R O N.

Twelve months have passed, along with a half-million American lives, and our outlook has devolved.  It’s 2021 now and we’re scared and more inclined to be skeptical. Getting a vaccine is proving nearly impossible here In Tennessee even though we’re in our 70’s.

One vital segment of our economy — small, independent businesses — is steadily disappearing; 800 are closing every day. The jobs they represent are not coming back. The wide range of taxes they provide to underwrite local, state and federal programs are gone for good.  Their absence is manifest in the gathering clouds economists forecast will darken our future.

IF and when we get to the “Other Side” of this horrific health disaster, what kind of world will we encounter?
Some things are predictable:  It will be a different world with fewer people, and these people will be tired and angry and share an attitude of “Never again”.

This new world in waiting exists somewhere between the world we left pre-COVID, free and relatively easy…smelling of fried chicken and popcorn…and filled with light…And the other post-apocalyptic world described by Cormac McCarthy in “The Road”, his Pulitzer Prize winning novel. This sunless world is characterized by the cataclysmic destruction of businesses and life as we knew it.  It’s a primitive world sparsely inhabited with deadly predators and subsumed into privation and Darwinian outcomes.
A wicked, scary world.

If we can survive until then, I believe we can survive anything.

First things first.  Science rules.
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