America’s First Yuckster

“We need a president who isn’t a laughing stock.”  T Rump, 2014

Now let’s go to Comedy Central, aka, The United Nations.

What a hoot!

T Rump is now doing stand-up and, based on audience reaction, he’s got real potential as a laugh-out-loud comedian.

I don’t know what comedic venue T Rump was referencing back in 2014 when he charged then president Obama as being a “laughing stock”, but T Rump made history this week at the United Nations becoming America’s “First (Global) Yuckster.”

The crowd went wild with “Tee-Hee’s” and “Ha-Ha’s.”

Can you imagine T Rump saying anything funnier than, “In less than two years, my administration has accomplished almost more than any other administration in the history of our country”?

Please, give me a minute. It takes a while to recover from a gut laugh.

What a riot!