America’s (New) Majority Partyb

We’re down to one political party: The Majority American Party.
Before Biden became president, the American electorate was divided into three major voting blocs:  Democrats/31%; Republicans/25% and Independents/41%. That adds up to 97% of the electorate leaving fringe groups like the Green Party and Libertarians to carve up the remaining 3%.

Hyper-partisanship has crippled Congress for decades and left American voters with no effective representation.  They find themselves in the modern equivalent of the 1768 dilemma, “Taxation Without Representation.”  It was tantamount to tyranny then (and now) and ushered in the American Revolutionary War.

Until Biden’s election, the House of Representatives would pass bills that would die in the Senate resulting in zero legislation being enacted for American citizens.
Net result:  Zero representation for American tax payers.

Biden changed the core nature of American politics by subordinating political parties to the overarching will of the American people. He doesn’t craft policy that complies with Democratic or Republican dogma; instead, he focuses on the needs of all Americans absent political orthodoxy.
“What’s best for America”, and “What’s best for Americans”, are the twin themes that imbue Biden‘s policy doctrine.

The American Rescue Plan, the Infrastructure Plan and the American Families Plan total almost $6 Trillion in cost.

These are trying times and require programs that will try our souls and our budgets.

ALL of these plans are opposed by ALL Republican legislators.

Importantly, ALL are supported by the Majority American Party – MAP – which is emerging as America’s most potent political force.

Andrew Yang, candidate for Mayor of New York, said it best, “The magic of Joe Biden is that everything he does becomes the new reasonable.”  MAP is a mirror of what America needs most; a reasonable and true reflection of its soul.

After four years in crazy town, the presence of “reasonable”is welcomed.  Refreshing.

Hunger for 54 million starving Americans (the 54M who are food insecure) isn’t a political issue.
Affordable Healthcare for millions of America’s vulnerable poor is not a political issue.
Having a job and earning a livable wage are not political issues.
The list of challenges being met by these plans go on and on.

Reasonableness isn’t political.
Hope isn’t political. Caring for and encouraging one another isn’t political.  These human attributes have been sorely absent the past four years. Thank God…

Humanity is back.

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