Avoidable Holocaust

540,000 Vs 11,000 deaths.

It’s the dramatic difference between the results of an objective, thoughtful COVID-19 response and a subjective, idiotic one.
If this is an unintended consequence, my question would be OF WHAT?  No, it’s the predictable result of a psychopathic narcissist having the upper hand at the wrong time in our history.
It’s been over a year since COVID-19 was made known to the world and leaders everywhere.  They were immediately confronted with the challenge of implementing an effective public response.
South Korea and the U.S. reported their first known case one day apart: January 20 and 21, 2020, respectively.
South Korean leaders wasted no time holding an emergency summit with their senior health authorities and developing an aggressive plan for countrywide COVID testing, mitigating, isolating and tracing.  PPE and other needed healthcare supplies were mandated. This was a purely science based response rooted in the documented behavior of a lethal, viral contagion such as COVID.
America’s leader at the time dismissed COVID-19 as a democratic hoax.  As a self described “very stable genius”, he minimized COVID-19 as a political ruse that would just go away.  He delegated the public response to the states, since he was clueless, and mocked mitigation protocols such as wearing a mask and social distancing.
Now let’s review how well science fared against anti-science as an effective, life-saving strategy.
The Trump Virus has killed 540,000 Americans to date and thousands continue to die daily.
South Korea has lost 1,800 citizens.
Adjust these numbers for population size, and the South Korean total rises to 11,000.
540,000 Americans are dead thanks to a an ignorant, petulant demagogue who ignored science and, alone, called the shots.
America’s number could have been 11,000.
540,000 Vs 11,000 deaths.
Call it what you like:  Genocide. Holocaust. Annihilation. Slaughter.
It is what it is.
Biden’s working diligently as a clean-up man; sadly, he was elected one year too late.

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