Biden Failing

> The road to Hell is paved with goody-goody intentions.

> Biden is on that road and he’s leading his loyal support base in much the same way his predecessor led his base, and this country, down a different road that leads straight to Hell.

> Both men operate in separate, but equally surreal worlds; one, 45,
> guided by a naive notion that Republicans are mostly good and will act accordingly.  The other, 44, is a psychopathic narcissist who is driven by selfishness and craven instincts devoid of humanity.

> Both are failures.  44 fights fire with accelerants while 45 believes fire can be extinguished with optimism.

> It’s one thing to fail because you’re inherently evil; it’s quite another to fail because your faith in people is hopeless.

> 44 governed in a one-man, autocratic dystopia while 45 struggles to succeed in his democratic utopia.  Either way you parse it, it all adds up to failure.

> What makes reality so hard to see?   So elusive to grasp?  So foreign to understand?  So unworthy to pursue?

> 44 is an unconvicted felon while 45 is a convicted dreamer.

> We need Biden to wake up before it’s too late.

> ### 30 ###