Biden, but…

Biden is better than Trump, much better in terms of truth-telling, consensus building, civility, a non-adulterer, an empathic soul mate…BUT…Biden acts like he walks; slowly, unsteadily…ambulating by shuffling his feet in one continuous slide forward.  Uninspiring.  Unexciting.  Unmoving.
He’s a 78 rpm record in a 45 rpm world.

Trump should be in jail for a litany of felony crimes ranging from bank fraud, treason, money laundering, tax evasion, to campaign finance violations…in short, he’s an un-convicted felon continuing to spread his toxic dogma like a deadly contagion let loose on an innocent world.

Biden should be enjoying the autumn of his years in repose at an assisted living facility, occasionally interrupting his naps for meals and bathroom visits.

Hyper-partisanship has dug ruts so deep on either side of the proverbial “aisle”, it buries any hope of partisans reaching over to connect, communicate, cooperate and compromise with their opposition.

When our country’s chief administrator is not suited or not up to the job of president, it’s incumbent on our legislature to step up and step forward and give their separate constituencies what they deserve and desperately need:  Leadership.

But, no.

I’m reminded of (Afro-American) Rodney King’s admonition thirty years ago after being mercilessly beaten by LAPD (all white) police officers…

”Why can’t we all just get along?”


### 30 ###