Bifurcated Americabb

I’m not talking about a divided country as defined by… Religion…Gender…Education…No; Not at all!
I’m focused on “Good People Vs Bad People.”
Honest vs Dishonest.
Givers vs Takers.
Reliable vs Unreliable.
Trustworthy vs Deceitful.
Wholesome vs Rotten.
Straight Forward vs Conniving.
Truth Tellers vs Liars.
Empathizers vs Narcissists.
Fair Players vs Cheaters.

I doubt you’ll spend much time identifying everyone you know or have known who fall under one of these two “Character Defining Profiles,” but do it nonetheless.

I spent the time…and it was revealing.
Here’s the kicker:  The ratio.
Stop and do some quick calculations.
Remember, bad news travels seven times faster and farther than good news.b

Ergo…Good people are scarce in my life. Far rarer than those who fail to qualify, in any scenario, as “good.”

It’s a devastating truth that, sadly, has never changed in my life.
If your calculation matches mine, you’re not a Republican.

### 30 ###