The Bloodless Coup
>> Trump can retake the presidency without anyone firing a shot or relying on a ballot box or having to lie about everything.
>> It’s simple when you think about it; not easy, not inevitable, but absolutely doable.
>> The stars would need to line up as follows:
>> 1– Mid-Term election results favor Republicans and they retake majorities in both houses of Congress.
>> 2– House Republicans elect Donald J. Trump Speaker of the House. [I admit this sounds fantastic, but it’s true.  One of the oddest rules of the House is that being a member is not required to be elected Speaker…the second in succession to the presidency behind the vice-president.]
>> 3– Trump immediately initiates impeachment proceedings against Biden and Harris for stealing the 2020 election.
>> 4– Gutless Republicans line up behind their Speaker and impeach Biden and Harris.
>> 5– (a) The Senate must achieve a 2/3rds majority vote to convict impeached office holders and remove them from office.  This is the tallest hurdle in the process and will require some serious negotiating, concessions, extortion, kidnapping, threats of violence…, but in the end, it is possible.
>> 5– (b) If the Senate fails to  convict, the Insurrectionist Party turns its attention to the 2024 presidential race.  Trump is nominated over token opposition and he turns his attention to concentrating campaign resources to fully capitalizing on voter suppression and nullification efforts; moreover, he colludes again Russia’s Putin for cyber intrusion in all key electoral college voting states.
>> 6– (a) Constitutional protocol elevates Trump to the presidency.
>> 6– (b) Votes are stolen, lost and de-certified (nullified) in an unprecedented, blatantly criminal crusade to put Trump back in the Oval Office so he can pursue his promised (and deadly) campaign of revenge against his detractors; all of his detractors.
>> In short, this is insurrection played out on different paths.
>> Our democracy is so permissive, so welcoming, so naive it opens itself to self-destruction.
>> It’s never been a question of “If” the democratic experiment would fail, but “When”.
>> “When” is now.
>> ### 30 ###