Word Count:  186


Subject: Prophetic Justice

Thank you Malachi, our messenger.
“A country cannot stand when its individuals (specifically its president) fail to repent.”
Thanks to T Rump’s personal history of debauchery and sexual misconduct, and his shameless propensity to deny everything, his time in office, like his finances, are on “borrowed” time.
Mr. Mueller, thank you for your excellent and dedicated efforts, but your services have likely been trumped by WOMB, Women On Mission, ‘Bout-time.”
There has never been a moment better suited to amplifying the wrongs T Rump has perpetrated against women than now.  Right now!
This moment has snowballed into a tsunami driven by victim energy and it’s focused on “Make ‘em pay” so we can level the playing field and move on.
Malachi prophesied that prideful persons, like our so-called president, who fail to acknowledge their bad acts by blaming them on others, will lead to our country’s certain demise.
WOMB will short circuit this process by causing T Rump to fall before he topples our country.

Power to all Porn Stars.

Power to all Playboy Bunnies.

Power to all Apprentice Contestants.

Power to women!