Casino Voting

Odds Makers listen up.
How do Las Vegas casinos guard against “Odds Shifters,” “Advantage Gamblers,“ and “Cheaters?”
First, they use the law to discourage any form of stealing, i.e., cheating.  Laws affecting casinos state that anyone caught stealing as little as $5 from a casino is guilty of a Class A felony—that’s a crime tantamount to first and second degree murder.  That’s a pretty hefty anti-cheating incentive.
In Blackjack, card counters are the most egregious culprits. These calculating bandits use their superior memory to “count” the value of cards dealt against the value of cards not dealt. Rigging, sector targeting, top-hatting, sleight of hand…and the list goes on…describe other ways gamblers can change the odds to favor their chances.

This doesn’t work for casinos since they’re in charge of the odds and they make the odds favor them.  Period.  Their policies are deliberate…Willful and…Premeditated.  After all, it’s a casino.

Enter Georgia.

The Georgia Legislature, in their recently adopted 98-page, new election rules, (signed immediately by Governor Kemp), has knowingly transformed the Peach State’s election guidelines from democratically inspired to casino based rules.
Georgia is a white dominated state; more than two-thirds of the voting public are white.  Most elected officials are white Supremacists from the Governor down.  They resent the inevitable demise of majority white power, and resent even more the growing power of minority groups.
Voting, especially among minorities, can no longer be encouraged.  Minorities vote in much higher percentages than whites and against policies that favor white Supremacy.
Georgia’s new election law deliberately and unfairly lowers the odds that minority voters will ever play a decisive role in future Georgia elections. Voting venues have been reduced to a minimum; early voting days have been cut, legal voting hours have marginalized 9 to 5 workers by closing polls at 5; providing water to dehydrating voters is now a crime…in short, Georgia is now the perilous purveyor of white controlled Casino voting. Minority voters will be discouraged, even prohibited, from voting since they lower the odds of perpetuating power. Instead of Georgia Republicans changing their party to attract more minority voters with universal healthcare, job creating initiatives and balanced budgets, they’ve chosen to adopt laws that disproportionately lower the chances that minorities will ever be in the game.

Casino voting.
How do you up the odds for white Supremacist governance?
You cheat the voters!!  They don’t elect you because you rig the election process.
This is just another verse from the anthem sung by insurrectionists on a January 6 by attacking and undermining the country to which they falsely pledge their loyalty.
Patriotism isn’t worn on a shirt sleeve or exercised through the bad acts of extreme militia groups…NO…Patriotism is the life blood of democracy and exercised through free and fair elections.
Casino’s are rigged.
Casino voting is rigged.
Georgia is a sponsor of casino voting.
Our Constitution prohibits any state from possessing a gaming license for this outrageously discriminatory purpose.
If this ends up in the Supreme Court, Georgia’s odds can be decided by a simple flip of a coin: Heads the people win; tails Georgia loses.

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