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Misogynist Math

Misogynist Math Introducing the “Me Two” Movement. One way to identify a misogynist is doing simple math.  It can be revealing and damning all at once. 1+1=2 is a mathematical absolute that also applies to what it takes to tango...

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Because He Was President

Because He Was President When you’re no longer President, the invisible shield that protects you from criminal prosecution, indictments and incarceration magically transforms from a warm blanket into a steel forged hammer. Or,...

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The New Republican

The New Republican > > Without any doubt, today’s Republicans are behaving like drunken frat boys gang raping the Statue of Liberty proudly declaring they’re fulfilling a rite of passage. > Without exception, these...

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Which Is Worse?

Which is Worse? The Big Lie or the Big Recoil? I believe anyone who believes the Big Lie is a fool.  But they’re much more than fools.  Not all Republicans believe the Big Lie, but all the fools who do are Republicans.  They’re...

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