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Which Is Worse?

Which is Worse? The Big Lie or the Big Recoil? I believe anyone who believes the Big Lie is a fool.  But they’re much more than fools.  Not all Republicans believe the Big Lie, but all the fools who do are Republicans.  They’re...

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Biden Failing

Biden Failing > The road to Hell is paved with goody-goody intentions. > Biden is on that road and he’s leading his loyal support base in much the same way his predecessor led his base, and this country, down a different...

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Darwinism 2.0

Darwinism 2.0. Even the path to surviving has detoured into politics. Today, there is a direct correlation between the “fittest” and “richest” among us.  Its always been there, but it’s more evident now than ever. Darwinism has...

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