Category: Political Satire


  NEVER CPAC In a world overrun with acronyms, we have to endure one more:  CPAC.  Conservative Political Action Conference.  It functions under the aegis of the (get ready) ACU, American Conservative Union. Conservative...

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The T-Bomb

The T-Bomb On Insurrection Day, January 6, T Rump dropped a bomb on America he’d been building for five years. He assembled it in public, in full view of pacifists, anarchists, Republicans, Democrats, Baptists and NASCAR fans....

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The New ISIS

“If your house was invaded by nests of rattlesnakes and the more you looked the more rattlesnakes you found, would you, for one second, quit looking?”    I’m Stupid, I’m Stupid. The New ISIS. It’s a large constituency of...

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