Coddling Be Damned
Coddling is for eggs.
It’s time to put an end to “people coddling” especially when evil people have little claim to being indulged.
These are people worthy of neglect.
If we could exact Karma-Quid pro quo’s from these people for their behavior, anti-vaccinators would find themselves caged; removed from society and sequestered in a place where deliberate, indifferent harm to others can be minimized.
Let’s herd them all onto Norwegian freighters and ship them to Angola.
“Insurrection advocates and its’ deniers.”
January 6 happened.  It could have been a field trip to the Capitol sponsored jointly by the NRA, the American Nazi Party and the Ku Klux Klan.  These weren’t random tourists milling about on holiday.  No.
These were seditionists; proponents of absolute autocratic power and whatever anti-democratic means are necessary to secure that power.
The penalty for treason is death.
I suggest we side-step their deserved fate and; instead, load them onto the same Norwegian freighters and ship them to Antarctica.  It’s hard to misbehave in sub-zero weather.
“Do-Nothing Republicans” insist on doing nothing to help America be America.  They support voter suppression laws and, more iniquitous, voter nullification that spits in the face of our Constitution. They’re antithetical to democratic principles and American values. They deny COVID’s deadly spread refusing to wear masks, gathering indoors in large groups, and defiantly opposing efforts to mitigate the threat and help those who’ve suffered most from its scourge. This is how heartless, mean-spirited, debauched and soulless people behave.
Gather them up, what’s left of them, shepherd all of them onto Norwegian freighters and ship them to St. Paul’s Pool on the main Pitcairn island.
Quit indulging these sub-humans.
Quit giving them a stage to spread their diabolical dogma…their hell-inspired agenda.
Coddling is reserved for the humane…the earnest…those who practice empathetic, kind-hearted deeds.
Those who feed off their own sense of superiority should be Sherpa-led to the crest of the highest peak and then left for dead.  Marooned on a snow capped mountain where looking down their noses rules their lives is their rightful domain.
—COVID deniers
January 6 revisionists.
—Anti-Democracy legislators.
—Do nothing Republicans.
Add it up.
They’re all Republicans and they’re a disgrace to America and all of humankind.
What they lack in intrinsic humanity they make up with their unbridled hatred.
No coddling allowed.  Scramble, poach or boil them.
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