COVID Death March


Vengeance is mine.

So sayeth T Rump.


Behold and beware of what tragedy awaits the American people in the months leading up to Election Day, November 3, 2020.


T Rump is on a path that has but one, vengeful goal:  Genocide.

He intends to cause maximum carnage to all, i.e., the American electorate, who caused him harm; for being disloyal; for denying him re-election.


A little perspective will help define the extent and malevolence of his revenge.

—He’s a psychopathic narcissist.

—He has empathy for no one, including those who make up his base.

—His record low popularity is due to a tsunami of incompetent and mean-spirited failures, (1) mismanaging a deadly viral contagion causing tens, potentially hundreds, of thousands of preventable deaths, (2) overseeing the worst economic reversal in American history without a plan for recovery, (3) stoking the flames of racial tensions after the Charlottesville debacle and, following George Floyd’s public execution, his dictator-like clearing of Lafayette Square of peaceful Floyd protestors for no reason except for his self-glorification, (4) using his office for political and economic gain (5) being temperamentally and intellectually unfit to lead the greatest nation on earth, etc.


—He’s losing.  He knows it.  And he hates it.

—Everyone, but himself, is responsible for his encyclopedic failures and he won’t tolerate it.

—Vengeance is inevitable.

—Vengeance is T Rump’s.

—No one is exempt from his wrath.  No one.


His final Presidential campaign is not about winning an un-winnable election, but doing as much physical harm to voters, ALL voters, as is inhumanly possible.


What we’re witnessing today is a powerful, un-empathetic monster on the loose.

He will leverage the killing power of COVID-19 to accomplish his genocidal goals.

—He is a walking, talking advocate for viral spread; wearing no facemask, demeaning its use and politicizing it as a Democratic hoax; ignoring social distancing; shaking hands; talking loudly.  His death-defying behavior is as contagious as COVID-19 and promises to fulfill his goal.

—He will host mass festivals, mostly indoor, in lieu of political rallies for his base and rely on this genocidal tactic to express his anger for their failure to re-elect him.

—He will continue to ignore, misrepresent and marginalize the resurgence of the virus in order to enhance his genocidal campaign and allow COVID-19 to optimize its lethal spread among all Americans.


T Rump is single-handedly leading his own, demonic protest under the undeclared theme: “No Lives Matter.”

T Rump’s vengeance is underway.


The “COVID Death March“ to November.