Cowards ‘R Us


We’re living at a time when racial justice and white supremacy are competing for the soul of America.

This competition can be deadly as evidenced by the wanton murder of unarmed blacks by trigger-happy, cowardly white police officers.  It’s also come to light when Republicans (yes, it’s provenance is political) argue against empaneling an independent commission to investigate the January 6, 2021, insurrection to overthrow our democracy. They insist the probe should be muddied up with investigations of BLM and Antifa who played NO role in trying to destroy American democracy.  Not only are they making a false equivalency, but their motives are disingenuous.

Treason against America is a capital offense.

Its willing and enthusiastic participants are subject to the death penalty…each and every one; moreover, their defenders, apologists and revisionists deserve equally the verdict as well as the penalty.

What are Republicans afraid of discovering?  What do they need to keep under wraps, away from the national dialogue, before the 2022 elections?

First, they’re in the drivers seat when it comes to their chances to retake a majority in the House. They have the advantage of newly enacted voter suppression laws, favorably gerrymandered congressional districts and off-election, historical precedent. What they don’t need is to confront the truth about January 6, and the likelihood it will upset their apple-cart.

They fear…

…The former presidents’ role in organizing and inciting the insurrection will be thoroughly documented.

…The unmasking of public officials who aided and abetted insurrectionists before and during the insurgence will be documented.

…Who did what, post-insurrection, to erase or revise their involvement and the involvement of others will also be chronicled.

This commission will operate much like the FBI in gathering evidence of a possible crime before presenting it to the DOJ for prosecution.

Republicans have devolved into a party of cowards.

They can’t accept legitimate election results so they support efforts to ensure unfair elections in their favor.

They believe in white supremacy and view

transformative racial justice as anathema to their core values.

When they lose an election, they argue the democratic election process is rigged.  Illegitimate.

They misread the history of the 2nd Amendment and conjure up support for the public’s right to possess deadly weapons of war.

They bow to the big lie and defend insurrectionists betrayal of their country as harmless, protected speech.

Many refuse to take the COVID-19 vaccine because they believe the virus is a politically inspired hoax.

Cowards.  One and all.

Always in retreat, in pursuit of an earlier, more primitive time in our history.

Their world is passé, trite and unevolved.

You can get a glimpse of it in your rear-view mirror.


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