De Facto T Rump University


I’ve learned a lot since T Rump entered politics. For example, T Rump University still exists, but it’s been reclassified as a “De Facto” or “Virtual” University.  

My brain is bigger, much bigger today thanks to T Rump U.  

Here’s just a snapshot of what’s taught at T RU:

I’ve learned that you can overhear men in locker rooms talking of sexually assaulting women. They say it’s harmless, but I didn’t know that. Did you?
Stormy Daniels…I never would have known who she was and how she made a living, but that all changed at T RU.

Money Laundering…I’ve heard of it, but today I have specific examples of how dirty money is “cleaned” when Russian Oligarchs and Saudi Princes’ use ill-gotten gains deposited in offshore bank accounts to buy T Rump condos all over the world.

Climate Change is a Chinese hoax.  Wow!  Who would have known!

Vladimir Putin, Kim Jung Un, Tayyip Erdoğan and Saudi Princes are worship-worthy, even worthy of a love affair thanks to the absolute, much envied effectiveness of autocratic rule. 

Arming parishioners at religious Temples and Cathedrals can prevent deadly attacks from deranged, hate-driven active shooters.  Arming Americans to the teeth is the key to mitigating against gun violence throughout America.  This has gone a long way to putting my mind to rest.

One’s “Gut” feelings are more reliable than any thoughtful, intellectual or reasonable examination of an issue.  Does that simplify things or what?

Young, Latino women and their children who are seeking asylum in America constitute an “invading horde” and, if necessary, should all be shot.  At the very least, we should separate the children from their parents and teach them a lesson.  What harm could that cause?

Alternative facts are defensible.  Someone has to do it.

Truth is really not the truth.  Only those of us with really big brains can comprehend the complexities inherent in this T Rump verity.

The President has supreme rule over all three branches of government:  The legislative, administrative and judicial.  This would be big news to our Founding Fathers.  Bigly.

Capitalizing on the Oval Office is legitimate IF you’re (purportedly) a businessman; furthermore, knowing of the Emoluments Clause and its worthlessness has been a real eye-opener.

Neo-Nazis, KKK devotees, the Aryan Brotherhood…these and similar groups are all associations of hate-mongers and white supremacists…and, in T Rumps world, they’re made up of “fine” people.

The word “collusion” has at least two definitions: The one found in the dictionary and the second one, an antonym, which spews from T Rumps mouth no fewer than ten times a day.

All of the above is taught during the freshman and sophomore years at T Rump U.  And there’s more.

I’m almost a junior and anxious to learn more.  My brain will be so big I’ll never need to read another book.