Democracy Undone

Our democracy is unraveling at a rate that could preclude its recovery.

Not until America elevated an autocrat into the White House did I fully appreciate the inherent fragility of our Democratic experiment.
Today it operates in ways outside the boundaries of a constitutional Democracy and, as the institutional framework of Democracy collapses, the rigid, cold-hearted monolith of autocracy strengthens.

Where does it say, anywhere, that our president has the inherent right to ignore Congressional subpoenas?  To command subordinates to do same?


What Democratic principal is served when our two houses of a Congress are represented by majorities of opposing political parties and can effectively kill the legislative process by refusing to consider pending legislation?

When did the Senate Majority leaders’ role of being “The Grim Reaper” become a vital, integral component of a Democratic process?

When did the legislative branch of our “checks and balances” system become subservient to…and an extension of…the executive branch?

Where does it articulate the promulgation of Executive orders, Executive memoranda and Presidential statements as exceeding or tantamount to duly enacted laws?

Where does it authorize, if not promote, the enrichment of our single executive at the expense of the electorate?


Privileges in our democracy inhere to the people.


It’s time the majority of American voters got a legitimate, law-abiding, Constitutionally devoted President.


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