Forgive Me My Trespasses

Forgiveness is a fundamental tenet of Christianity.

A Christian asks to be forgiven their trespasses (their sins), and those who trespass against them.

We all sin and it’s important to acknowledge our sinfulness. Seeking forgiveness affirms our faith as well as our conscious desire to be a better person, to be less sinful.

T Rump has never asked for forgiveness.  Never.
Up close this seems impossible for one who claims to be Christian.

From a comfortable distance it all makes sense.  Let’s face it, T Rump believes only in himself.  Asking for forgiveness, from his perspective, is an exercise in fatuity.

How can he trespass against anyone or their property when, in his world, he never sins?  Trespass is not a wayward indiscretion; an occasional lapse in judgement.

Trespass is where T Rump lives.  It’s his terra firma; his native soil.  It identifies who he is and why he is the paradigm of pride, envy, gluttony, greed, lust, sloth and wrath.  Every ounce of his being drips, oozes and reeks of sin.

“I abbbbblone can fix it…Women want me to molest them…I’m really rich…COVID will magically disappear…I’d date Ivanka if she wasn’t my daughter…Obama is a traitor…I love my executive time…John Bolton belongs in jail…”.  These are iceberg tips.  What lies beneath is a mountain of ugliness and malevolence.

You can’t escape what you are.
You can’t disguise, obfuscate, distort who you are.

You can’t change an immutable truth.

T Rump is everything you don’t want to be.

### 30 ###