Globally Righteous

The world is flat.  Or is it?
If we’re talking economics, then it’s a small step for man to understand how competitive interests operate on a “level playing field” when money is the common denominator.
Quid Pro Quo’s, or trading one thing for another, have existed since Barney Rubble traded a round rock with Fred Flintstone for membership in the Loyal Order of Dinosaurs.
Now that’s a deal!

What about cultural values?
Well…the buck stops here.

You can’t trade a thousand years of traditions in one culture for the values of another.
Money is fungible. Transient.
Ethics are immutable.  Constant.

The world is home to 6,900 languages and over 3,800 different cultures.

The form of governance in any culture tends to influence the value that culture places on human rights.
The more power is concentrated in the few, the less power, i.e., importance, is shared with the people.  Democracies derive their power from the people wbbbbhile autocracies minimize their people and concentrate power in the hands of their rulers.

Truth is an objective fact in a democracy and a subjective convenience in an autocracy. Autocrats live by alternative facts; whatever they say, goes.  When cultural values collide, political gamesmanship is paramount.

The murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi special agents has re-emerged as ethical and political challenges for president Biden.  This is a classic clash between one culture that treats its people as subjects and another that struggles to put its people first.

When confronted with the Khashoggi dilemma in 2018, former guy Trump, like his autocratic counterpart, Mohammed bin Salman, MBS, characterized it as a transactional issue.  Why punish the crown prince for his felonious misdeeds when he’s worth billions in trade deals with the U.S.?  An economic transaction.

Biden knows his response has to be measured on the political side, but inflexible when condemning the act and the medieval belief that, in the global community today, it’s ethically acceptable to murder your opponent because you can.

Those who wish to punish the crown prince by using our values to replace those that are not as evolved, as sensitive, as humane or compassionate have one, enduring and right-minded mission to pursue:

Keep wishing.

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