When they go low, we go vote

I support TRump because he’s done what he promised.
He’s ripped infants from their mothers and secreted them away and I think, beyond any doubt, that’s American all the way.
He’s destroyed my health care coverage and, let’s face it, who needs health care?
He supported and helped pass a trillion dollar tax reform program that directs 90% of the dollar benefits to billionaires who need it more, much more, than you and me.
He mocks female victims of sexual assault who we all know are frauds and deliberately engaged in perpetrating a clear and obvious hoax against (innocent and mostly young), vulnerable males.
Like him, I support the indiscriminate murder of reporters who, by virtue of their alleged status as my enemy and that of our country, deserve it.
Neo Nazi’s are good people.  This is so obvious, how can anyone, let alone little me, disagree?
All Muslims are so vile and evil we should ban all of them from setting foot on our sacred soil.  Yes sir, T Rump, another good reason why I find it so easy to cover your back.
Assaulting women, then bragging about it, works for me.
It’s about time we had a president who saw through the dictators around the world and revealed to all of us how insignificant their sponsored genocide and mass imprisonments really are when compared to how wonderful, strong and love-worthy they are.
When T Rump admits he wants to date his daughter, I turn a deaf ear and move on.
I like that he’s a businessman and if he chooses to leverage the Oval Office to make more money for himself, good for him…If he’s committed to avoiding taxes using all means necessary, including fraud, I support it wholeheartedly.
What value is truth when I believe only what T Rump tells me?
The above is merely a snapshot; a dozen reasons why T Rump is the epitome of evil.
Sadly, there are those among us who believe at least one of these statements while others believe them all.
Heaven help us.
Save America.