Groundhog Year

My wife and I went into isolation a year ago after news of a deadly pandemic spreading across the country.
We’ve been extraordinarily vigilant in our adherence to mitigation protocols—wearing masks, social distancing, washing our hands, sanitizing touched surfaces — moreover, we’ve rarely ventured beyond our home.
It’s not been fun; in fact, the novelty of it all wore off about thirty days in.  Much of our time was invested in news about the continuing spread of the virus and efforts being made to stop it. What we learned was infuriating.

Less advanced countries placed a priority on their nation’s healthcare response; procuring needed medical equipment such as PPE and respirators, sponsoring countrywide Covid testing, self-isolating plus quarantining and contact tracing the infected.

America, in stark contrast, was behaving like an unevolved, undiscovered, primitive tribal culture.  We were lost in some bizarre fantasy under the malevolent leadership of a shaman; a science denier; a well dressed Clorox salesman who favored ingesting toxins and exposing our entrails to UV light in lieu of respecting scientific facts.

COVID-19, like nuclear weapons, exploded all across our country.
People got infected.  People died. More people got infected and more people died.
Death everywhere.
The death count today exceeds 550,000.  Another country that learned of the pandemic one day before our War Lord, followed the science. Mitigation protocols were mandated nationwide from day one.  After adjusting their population to match ours, they’ve recorded 11,000 total deaths over the past year:  550,000 versus 11,000.
Witnessing the office of the presidency so dishonored and disgraced was gut wrenching. Equally outrageous was watching fellow Americans buying into the pure crap coming out of the White House…”Covid will go away…it’s no more serious than the common flu…wearing a mask isn’t necessary…public gatherings are permissible…it’ll be gone by Easter (last year)…the death toll is what it is.”
Even though our ‘Genocidal Maniac in Chief’ has been sidelined, his faithful carry on his legacy of crazy.  The momentum of his deadly virus that he stoked and stoked continues. His cultists are unapologetic as they proudly parade in public…maskless… carelessly and unsympathetically behaving as if doing what’s right is an insult to them, an outward and visible sign of their weakness.
In truth, this is what it is:
Reckless, dangerous and deadly conduct. Instead of contributing to controlling the Covid virus, these homicidal morons are keeping it alive.  Spreading it. Enabling it to continue its lethal proliferation.
Thanks to them, Covid-19 is escalating again, gaining strength and threatening to take us back to this time a year ago to the eve of self-isolation, restaurant closings, business shut-downs…the rise in positive cases, hospitalizations, serious complications…death.

Groundhog year.

I once was a Republican, but they’ve proved, beyond any doubt, they are the Party from Hell.  They don’t care about responsible, empathetic behavior; the health and well-being of suffering Americans, the long term consequences of politically (not logically, sanely or scientifically) motivated actions.
We live in two America’s.
One focused on doing what’s right for their community and country while the other is concerned only about themselves.
It’s adults versus children.
The Groundhog is certain to see its shadow cast long.

Another year of Covid.

### 30 ###