If Kids Could Vote


Remember the Pre-Revolutionary War chant, “Taxation Without Representation”…and what those three words presaged?


Imagine you live in COVID America and are too young to vote, but your life is being threatened by outside forces beyond your control much like colonial Americans were threatened by King George III.


Fact:  You are just one person in a country where the COVID contagion has infected and killed more people than anywhere else in the world.

Fact:  The contagion thrives on unprotected people and Americans are the most reckless, undisciplined, ergo, unprotected and vulnerable population in the world.

Fact: To slow the spread of the contagion, schools have been closed and alternative, remote channels of instruction have been implemented as a safer and equally effective way to educate.

Fact: America’s president doesn’t understand… doesn’t respect…doesn’t know how to competently respond to the contagion which puts all Americans, young and old, at risk.


With all this in mind, imagine your government insisting that you go back to school…expose yourself to the contagion and it’s potentially catastrophic consequences…accept the president’s notion that socializing with your classmates outweighs the dangers of getting infected and losing your life or threatening the lives of others.


Now, imagine going back to school.


Fact: The President has no authority to make and enforce such an order.

Fact:  The effect of such an order is both dangerous and likely to cause more illness, death and heartbreak.

Fact:  You may be too young to vote, but you’re never too young to matter.

Fact:  You’re never too young to be protected from being marginalized at the expense of another person’s self-serving political ambitions.

Fact:  You’re never too young to be defended from those who treat you as expendable and place you in harm’s way for their own political advantage.


Imagine what these seven words mean to the future of America.

Bottom Line:  Teachers and kids should put their well-being first and know they are the treasure that represents our future.

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