Les Enfants Terrible


Adolescent #1: “You’re old.”

Adolescent #2: “You’re short.”

#1: “You’re a lunatic.”

#2: “You’re fat.”


And so goes the high-level dialogue between two world leaders with their little thumbs on nuclear triggers that could effectively diminish or end the world as we know it.


Who are these enfants terrible you ask?

Answer:  Both are dictators surrounded by sycophants who applaud their every move and comment.

One is old and a lunatic; while the other is short and fat.  Both are psychopathic narcissists.


All the while, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell betray their country, their oath of office, not to mention common sense, and support their old, lunatic party leader and pretend all is well with America.


I’m sick of it.  I admire Tom Steyer who has put his money where his beliefs are and is spending millions to move the needle of public opinion slowly but surely toward doing “The Right Thing,” and impeaching the Imperial Pumpkin.