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Dear Editor,

A Worm in Apple’s Defense

I love Apple products and am rarely without one.

What I don’t love is Apple’s disingenuous defense of its un-hackable IOS on the iPhone.

It’s hackable.  Moreover, logic suggests it’s already been unraveled.

There’s a “worm” or more correctly, a small “army of insidious worms” at work at Apple today and they’re embedded deep into the core of Apple.

These are “Cyber-Cons” who are capable of engineering and reverse-engineering anything Apple develops.  And I mean anything and everything.  They wear their White Hats while at work at Apple developing new technologies and refining existing ones, and then they slip on their Black Hats andthe purpose of their work turns dark.  Illegitimate.

For Tim Cook to suggest “The Future” is at risk if Apple complies with a court order to penetrate their IOS, I’m surprised his nose doesn’t grow.The legal arguments for protecting privacy are well suited to a spirited debate, but when you understand how our new digital world operates, the weight and purport of these arguments evaporate.

Tim Cook knows the world Apple’s in and his efforts may be a subterfuge.  But he also knows he won’t be able to worm his way out of complying with the law.