When you stand before a court of law and swear to tell the truth, that’s just part of your mandated oath.  In order to fully understand the truth, the court requires you  to swear to a separate and, sometimes more revealing, truth:  THE WHOLE TRUTH.

Unfortunately the current case that dominates the content of broadcast media involves the shooting death of a Florida teen, Trayvon Martin, 17.  In their not too subtle rush to judgment,  the media has tried and convicted the shooter, neighborhood watch volunteer, George Zimmerman.

The truth is: Trayvon is black, he’s dead and Zimmerman shot him.

End of story.

But is it?

THE WHOLE TRUTH has yet to be revealed.

Network news outlets have been echoing their cable siblings in condemning Mr. Zimmerman and calling for his arrest and arraignment for the murder of T. Martin.  The result has been a cacophony of “Not The Whole Truth News” and it’s riled sympathizers of the slain teen, causing thousands to rally across the nation and, the coup de grace, the “Not The WHOLE TRUTH News” has been joined by the voices of Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson,  the dealers of the race card.

It’s time to push back.  It’s wrong to allow anyone to throw the race card on the scales of justice and tilt them out of balance.  These right “Reverends Of The “un-WHOLE-ly TRUTH” succeed in perpetuating the ugliness that Dr. King fought against with eloquence and bravery.

End of story.



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